Arogya Kunji District: Chatra in Jharkhand Certain regions of the State are still underdeveloped. Tribals in these areas do not have access to modern healthcare facilities. To offer respite to the people living in these affected areas, the State Government has designed and developed a new Sahiya Arogya Kunji Yojana. This is aimed at poor … Read more

Empowering Migrant Workers – Best Practices

The COVID-19 pandemic brought with it many challenges for India and countries around the world. Even as we tried to secure the country from this disease, the livelihoods of many unorganized and migrant workers were lost. Migrant workers in India—mostly comprising daily wage labourers working in manufacturing and construction industries, and those engaged in agriculture, … Read more

Electricity Access & Utility Benchmarking Report

NITI Aayog, Rockefeller Foundation & Smart Power India along with Ministry of Power Launched Electricity Access & Utility Benchmarking Report. Rockefeller Foundation & Smart Power India conducted primary survey across 10 states– representing about 65% of the total rural population of India and with a sample size of more than 25,000, including households, commercial enterprises … Read more