Contribution of Tribal People In the Indian Independence Movement

Tribal people are considered as the people who live in simple societies with its member coming from the same ethnicity, speaking common dialect and share a strong relationship with their surroundings. For a large part of our history, they lived in harmony with the mainland Hindus having kingdoms. The relationship between the two communities existed … Read more

Erving Goffman’s concept of Total Institutions

A concept total institution is defined as a place of work and residence where a great number of similarly situated people, cut off from the wider community for a considerable time, together lead an enclosed, formally administered round of life, i.e. their needs are under bureaucratic control. This includes the Boarding schools, orphanages, prisons, juvenile … Read more

Jane Goodall’s contributions in studying primate behaviour

Jane Goodall is an English primatologist, ethologist and conservationist, best-known for conducting her long-term study (forty-five year) study of chimpanzee social and family life in Tanzania. She has done her Ph.D. in ethology from Cambridge University Presently, she works as director of the Jane Goodall Institute in Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania. Louis Leakey, … Read more

Daily Answer Writing- March 16, 2021

Q.282) Discuss the evolution of Basic structure doctrine. (10mark) (150words) The phrase ‘basic structure’ itself cannot be found in the Constitution. The Supreme Court recognised this concept for the first time in the historic Kesavananda Bharati case in 1973. Evolution of Basic structure doctrine The First Constitution Amendment Act, 1951 was challenged in the Shankari Prasad vs. … Read more

March 16, 2021

Project RE-HAB ●Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC), on Monday, launched a unique project of creating “bee-fences” to mitigate human – elephant conflicts in the country. ●The objective of Project RE-HAB (Reducing Elephant – Human Attacks using Bees) is to thwart elephant attacks in human habitations using honeybees and thus reducing loss of lives of … Read more

March 15, 2021

Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) ●EESL is a Super Energy Service Company (ESCO), which enables consumers, industries and governments to effectively manage their energy needs through energy efficient technologies. ●EESL is implementing the world’s largest energy efficiency portfolio across sectors like lighting, buildings, electric mobility, smart metering, agriculture, etc. ●EESL’s energy efficiency solutions have saved … Read more

Indus Valley Civilization (2500 B.C. to 1750 B.C.)

Indus Valley civilization developed between 2500 B.C. to 1750 B.C. as per Radio Carbon dating. Indus Civilization is also called as Harappan Civilization because the first excavated site is Harappa. It belongs to the Bronze Age . It extended from Manda (Jammu) in North to Daimabad in South. Major Settlements are in the Ghaggar-Hakra belt. … Read more