Q.) Discuss the positive and negative effects of globalization on women in India. 2015

Globalization involves people, companies, and governments globally interacting and integrating. Faster connectivity has encouraged globalisation. Positive effects of globalization on women 1) Role-redefined The belief that women should be homebound has changed. More women are independent and participate in family and societal decision-making. Globalization has made this possible. 2) Bad practices eliminated Globalization has helped … Read more

What is the basis of regionalism? Is it that unequal distribution of benefits of development on a regional basis eventually promotes regionalism? Substantiate your answer. 2016

People living in a particular geographic region who are connected by their particular language, culture, and other factors may express a shared sense of identity and purpose through regionalism. For instance, the movements in Telangana, the North East, and Khalistan Although unequal resource distribution is not the only reason, it contributes to regionalism. Other factors … Read more

Bhakti Saints & their time period

●Shankara (788 – 820 AD) ●Ramanuja (1017-1137 A.D) ●Basava (12th Century) ●Madhva (1238-1319 AD) ●Ramanada (15th century) ●Kabir (1440-1510 AD) ●Chaitanya (1468-1533 AD) ●Guru Nanak Dev (1469-1538 AD) ●Purandara (15th century) ●Dadu Dayal (1544-1603 AD) ●Surdas (1483-1563 AD) ●Vallabhacharya (1479-1531 AD) ●Shankaradeva (1499-1569 AD) ●Mirabai (1498-1563 AD) ●Haridas (1478-1573 AD) ●Tulasidas (1532-1623 AD) ●Namdeva (1270-1309 … Read more

Deficiency Diseases

Types of Vitamins Deficiency Diseases ●A (Retinol)- Night blindness ●B1 (Thiamine) – Beriberi ●B2 (Riboflavin) – Retarded growth, bad skin ●B12 (Cyanocobalamin)- Anaemia ●C (Ascorbic acid)- Scurvy ●D (Calciferol) – Rickets ●K (Phylloquinone) – Excessive bleeding due to injury Types of Minerals Deficiency Diseases ●Calcium -Brittle bones, excessive bleeding ●Phosphorus- Bad teeth and bones ●Iron- … Read more

Different shapes of recovery

•K-shaped recovery occurs when, following a recession, different parts of the economy recover at different rates, times, or magnitudes. •V-shaped recovery, an economy that has suffered a sharp economic decline experiences a fast and strong rebound •W-shaped recovery, which is also called a “double dip”, means the economy picks up only to fall again and … Read more