(Solved) The frequency of urban floods due to high intensity rainfall is increasing over the years. Discussing the reasons for urban floods. Highlight the mechanisms for preparedness to reduce the risk during such events.

Numerous factors are contributing to an increase in the frequency of urban flooding brought on by heavy rainfall. Because of the excess particulate matter, urban areas typically receive more rainfall than their rural counterparts (vehicular aerosols and pollution). They serve as condensation nuclei and boost precipitation. In addition, the expanded built-up area absorbs more solar … Read more

Officials in the Later Vedic Period

●Purohita – Chief Priest, also sometimes referred to as Rashtragopa ●Senani – Supreme Commander of army ●Vrajapati – Officer-in-Charge of pasture land ●Jivagribha – Police Officer ●Spasas/ Dutas – Spies who also sometimes worked as messengers ●Madhyamasi – Mediator on disputes ●Bhagadugha – Revenue collector ●Sangrahitri – Treasurer ●Mahishi – Chief Queen ●Suta – Charioteer … Read more

Darshana – Indian Philosophy

●Nyaya (spiritualist) → Gautama 6th BC → Nyaya Sutra → It is a logical quest for God. It tells that the material power Maya, with the help of God, becomes the universe. ●Vaisheshika(materialist) -> Kanada → 6th BC -> Vaisheshika Sutra → It aims is to receive happiness in this life and finally ultimate liberation … Read more

How globalization has led to the reduction of employment in the formal sector of the Indian economy? Is increased informalization detrimental to the development of the country? (2016)

Globalization means free trade in goods, services, and capital. Globalization boosted the economy’s multidimensional efficiency, but it also promoted flexible employment and informalization. Globalization has reduced formal sector employment for the following reasons- 1) Globalization exposes technologies globally, leading to robotics and other technology replacing manpower. 2) India has 2% skilled labour compared to 96% … Read more

Q.) Explain the difference between computing methodology of India’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) before the year 2015 and after the year 2015. (2021)

GDP is defined as a measure that expresses the economic value of a country’s economic activities. In other words, it is the market value of all the goods and services produced within an economy in a particular period. The National Statistical Office calculates the GDP figures (NSO). In 2015, a new series was launched to … Read more

Women empowerment in India needs gender budgeting. What are the requirements and status of gender budgeting in the Indian context? (2016)

Planning from a gender perspective is known as gender budgeting. It explicitly set aside funds for the progress of women. In 2005, it started in India. A list of programs that emphasized the welfare of women was included in the budget statement. They were divided into two categories: 1) women-specific schemes (those having a 100% … Read more

“Investment in infrastructure is essential for more rapid and inclusive economic growth. ”Discuss in the light of India’s experience. (2021)

The nation’s basic infrastructural facilities serve as the building blocks for growth. The economy functions below ideal levels and continues to lag behind its potential and trajectory of frontier growth in the absence of suitable infrastructure. Infrastructure spending is necessary for more rapid and inclusive economic growth 1) Construction of infrastructure, such as roads, buildings, … Read more

What are the salient features of ‘inclusive growth’? Has India been experiencing such a growth process? Analyze and suggest measures for inclusive growth. (2017)

Inclusive growth is the development of a country with equal chances and without prejudice. All individuals (poor and rich), all geographies, and all economic sectors (agricultural, industry, services) contribute equally to inclusive growth. Salient features of inclusive growth 1) Skill Development– Employability, health, education, vocational training, and skills of the working age population will determine … Read more