[Solved] To what extent ancient cave art paintings were influenced by contemporary religious movements?

Painting flourished in India since ancient times. The history of ancient cave art paintings can be known from primitive rock paintings of Bhimbetka, Mirzapur, and Panchmarhi. These paintings were influenced by contemporary movements like religious movements. Main ancient religious movements include Buddhism, Jainism, and Brahmanism. Influence of contemporary religious movements The common themes of Ajanta … Read more

[Solved] To what extent has the urban planning and culture of the Indus Valley Civilization provided inputs to the present day urbanization? Discuss.

The Indus Valley Civilization’s urban settlements had exceptional planning, particularly in terms of sanitation and drainage. It has contributed significantly to contemporary urbanisation. Dealing with unplanned development has been one of the most pressing concerns in Indian urban planning. Evidences of IVC urban planning and culture in present day The streets of the IVC were … Read more

[Solved] Mesolithic rock cut architecture of India not only reflects the cultural life of the times but also a fine aesthetic sense comparable to modem painting. Critically evaluate this comment.

Mesolithic art encompasses all arts and crafts produced between the end of the Palaeolithic Ice Age (10,000 BCE) and the advent of agriculture, i.e., the Neolithic period. The art of the era was primarily concerned with how men lived, whereas the classical arts mostly depicted what men observed, and modern art primarily depicted what men … Read more