[Solved] The post of Speaker is crucial in our parliamentary democracy. In this context, contrast the Speaker’s institutions in India with Britain. Do you think the Indian Speaker’s Office should be modeled like the British counterpart? (15 mark) (250 words)

In our Parliamentary democracy, the Speaker’s office plays a critical role. The Speaker is the guardian of Parliamentary democracy’s traditions. Within the House, she is the final interpreter of the Constitution. In the Warrant of Precedence, she stands next only to the President, the Vice-President, and the Prime Minister. The office’s expenses are charged to … Read more

[Solved] “The frequent use of the ordinance route for important legislation undermines parliamentary democracy.” Comment. (10mark) (150 words)

The ordinance is an emergency provision, through which the executive can make laws when the parliament is not in session. Indian constitution under the articles 123 and 213 makes provision for an ordinance making power of union and the states respectively.  Ordinance-making power is an exceptional provision with the executive to respond to unforeseen circumstances. … Read more

[Solved] How does the Government of India Act, 1935 differ from the Government of India Act of 1919? Discuss the impact of the 1935 act on the present Indian Constitution.

After World War I, the Government of India Act of 1919, also known as the Montague Chelmsford Reforms, was passed to appease nationalists. Similarly, the 1935 Act was enacted following three Round Table Conferences, by which time the national movement had reached a peak.  As a result, the Government of India Act 1935 was a … Read more

[Solved] “The Preamble embodies the basic philosophy and fundamental values on which the Constitution is based.” Discuss. Also, explain whether the Preamble is a part of the Constitution or not. (10mark) (150 words)

The preamble to the Indian Constitution is based on the “Objective Resolution” that was adopted by the constituent assembly. The preamble contains the summary or essence of the Constitution. The term preamble refers to the introduction or preface to the Constitution.  Significance of Preamble The preamble contains the grand and noble vision of the Constitutional … Read more